”He’s either your savior or your enemy, it all depends on who you’re aligned with.”


The Devereaux brothers were born and raised in New Orleans. Although Elliot and his brother Marcel are thirteen years apart, they were incredibly close growing up. Elliot had always been the perfect older brother to look up to. He got good grades and was the high school quarterback; everyone found it difficult to find a flaw in him. However, all flaws are not so obvious. Elliot had always craved power, to be on top of everything. That was why he practiced so hard to become starting quarter back, why he spent so much time on his campaign that eventually landed him in the mayor’s office. His desire for power wasn’t as innocent as people thought. All those who knew him thought that Elliot just wanted to do the world good, but he was the town’s golden boy, so what else would they have thought? Elliot, even at a young age, always displayed a need to control things. For a long while he was content with controlling his brother Marcel, telling him how to act and what to wear, but as he grew up he craved more control, so he could make things exactly as he wanted them to be.

When Elliot was twenty-six he lost control of what he thought he had his grip on most, his brother. It wasn’t something anyone could have controlled or prevented, but at the age of thirteen, Marcel began to show signs of witch-like abilities. As it turns out, their maternal grandmother was a witch, and the gene had somehow skipped a generation. It was mostly in energies at first, but Marcel could see the intentions of a person just by looking at them. Elliot lost control of what he’d wanted his brother to be, and that made him crazy. For years, Elliot put Marcel through therapy and experimental tests to see if his ability was something that could be conditioned out of him. After five years, Elliot finally gave up on his brother, but Elliot despised what he couldn’t control. 

Elliot ran for mayor when he was thirty-two, and worked anti-witch legislation heavily into his campaign. Fortunately for him, many humans in New Orleans were afraid of the witches and the power they possessed, so they put their faith in Elliot. Since elected, Elliot has made several moves to protect the people of New Orleans. Unfortunatley, many of these measures also hurt his younger brother. Elliot claims that the changes are to protect Marcel as much as they are to protect the people, but there’s no denying that all the changes have put a strain on their relationship. Marcel no longer follows Elliot around like a lost puppy, and because Elliot can no longer control his brother he pushes him as far away as possible.


Elliot is a kind and compassionate man to those who he can control, but his kindness doesn’t expand past those select people. Followers are the sort of people Elliot associates with the most because they usually go along with whatever he wants them to. When Elliot doesn’t have people around him he can control is when he is most power hungry. His anxiety kicks in and his actions become extreme as he makes desperate efforts to gain control again. No matter how much his actions may hurt others, as long as they’re for what he believes to be the common good he deems them justifiable. The most dangerous thing about Elliot is he doesn’t recognize the wrong he does. 


Date of Birth: March 23, 1977

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Occupation: Mayor of New Orleans

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